Everyone used the heavens to navigate. Nowadays screens rule. My eyes get tired of being plugged in, so I’ve been signing off each night with a deep look into the sky. It’s improved how I sleep, think, and spend my time.

Sirius is a star that I can usually find. It rises in the east, sets in the west and led three kings to the savior’s crib, according to the nuns that schooled me. I wonder where the star led those kings next. But does it matter anymore when a lit screen at night is the big attention getter?

So, here’s an instinctive skill we’re about to lose. We put a part of our brains on snooze if we do. Stars meet our gaze across an abyss of space. Our eyes and brain really enjoy the exercise.

Screens are useful and necessary, but they can’t take the place of the real thing. We need to maintain our sense of place independent of screens.

Set aside your gadgets and go outside, check in with the sky. It’s a free antidote to those screen’s nerve bleaching side-effects.